After entering 2020, Leicester City's 2-2 draw with Chelsea is the most amazing one for chilwell. At the end of the first half, the low pass from chilville on the left, Barnes started to threaten the goal, and the corner kick opportunity of fox City, and chilville's left foot volley shot high above the air was also very rare. The goals of the two teams were concentrated in the second half. Mount used the corner to assist ludig to score, and tillemans passed to assist Barnes to equalize the score.

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        Now the market is cat and dog. Yesterday, the market was still the world of CSI 500, and the stage of cyclical stocks has become the world of SSE 50 today.

        In addition, new energy vehicle concept news is also constantly. Gree announced the suspension of trading, which may intervene in FAW Xiali. Whether this will become the backdoor of Zhuhai Yinlong, we are also very concerned, so the new energy vehicles also have some performance in the plate. New energy vehicles will not end at once. There may be continuous news coming out later, which will become the hot spot of periodic speculation.


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